Taken by Greed Picture

This piece was inspired by the story of Chronus and how he ate his children so he could avoid them ever overpowering him. Rhea, his wife, gave birth to Zeus in secret so when Zeus was older he went back and slew Chronus, freeing his siblings. The floor is blue to represent the ocean and the couch is shaped to resemble a shell. This is because when Zeus and Chronus fight, Zeus cuts off Chronus's testacles which fall into the ocean and impregnates it, causing the birth of venus.

The fruit on the plate and in Rhea's hands are based on a Japanese myth about a tree that bears human-faced fruit. In that myth, however, the fruit are smiling and laughing. Here my fruit are kind of depressed and crying.

This painting is a mixture of acrylic and oil paints.
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