Persephone and Demeter Picture

This is a picture I drew during class. We learned about Muthology and I drew this picture. It's Persephone and Demeter. If you're not familiar with the story, Demeter (Goddess of Fertility and Harvest) is Persephone's mother and Persephone was stollen by Hades (Lord of the Underworld) and he gave her some pomagranate seeds. She ate them and was trapped forever in the Underworld. Her mother worried and didn't make anything grow so the people prayed and Zeus went and talked to Hades. He refused to let her go so he made a deal that he would let her up for half of the year but she had to stay with him the other half. Her mother was so happy! The time when Persephone was with her mother became Spring and Summer and the time when she was with Hades became Fall and Winter. That's the simplified version. Anyways, my teacher was impressed and asked for my original, that's the one I showed him, so this isn't the original but one I drew so I'd had a copy as well. The original was better but oh well. Enjoy!
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