Prometheus vs. Zeus [WIP4][D:R.A.] Picture

Work in progress of a picture starring Prometheus (the one with the helmet) fighting with his nemesis, the brutal Zeus; both from my webcomic.

The plot? Here you are:


Year 2017,

humanity has been creating anthropomorphic beings from any artistic expression for 7,000 years.

We lived in peace, and never had a chance to start a war with this empire son of us.

But now, with Human civilization at the edge of self-destruction, the 7,000,000,000 DRAs we got to share this planet with "leave" us alone in this corner of this bipolar universe in order to at least assure their survival.

And this is where Prometheus, whose real name is Teise, comes in. He's the last DRA on Earth, the last DRA that will ever see this sun who lights this planet.

His self-assigned mission is to stop humanity to kill itself in this war, started, as usual, by ideology...

Prometheus, now talking about the Greek god, was punished by Zeus after he gave Humans gods' fire, lighting them.

And this is the role played by this strange other being, Zeus; who is under command and protection of a much higher being that has never existed in this entire universe.

A terminal being who has been planning every last instant of existence of every last electron and proton and neutron in this entire universe.

And leaded every last living being into a common last plan.

The goal of Prometheus in all of this, the way of stopping this giant and timeless one,

killing this omnipotent being,



So that's it... Here you can read the comic in Spanish:
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