Hidden Picture

Ahahaha. It's done. For now...at least I'm going to call it done.

Down in that there corner, that's a baby. A glowing baby. And when do babies glow? When they're gods. (ooh)

Up there in the sky? That's Hera. Hera knows her hubby's been cheating on her again, and she's lookin' for the little one.

See that black stick-like thing? That's a tree. With a face. Oh Em Gee. Guess where I got the idea for that?

I'm pretty sure there isn't a story about a living tree sheltering Zeus's baby from Hera in Greek Mythology, but for all Zeus's unfaithfulness and Hera's creativity in turning women into things, it wouldn't surprise me.

Tools: acrylics, brushes, fingers, pencil
Time: about 8.5 hours
Close-ups: [link] (Hera) [link] (Baby/tree)
References: A googlebaby, my friend's face, and the tree in my backyard.

WIP1: [link]
WIP2: [link]

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