Apollon and Artemis pg2 Picture

Page 2 of my comic about Apollon and Artemis, the twin Greek gods of archery and light. Sorry, about the late upload, but I got distracted and now I'm behind. I hope to at least upload a page every two nights, since it's pretty easy to draw and color one day and then word the next (all my comics are done on paper, where I plan out the words, then draw the panels, color with markers or pencils depending on the desired texture, touch up in Photoshop, and then I add the words on my special comic making software).
Fun facts:
*We get the modern word, "python" from Pytho's name.
*The Deluge is a type of large flood which is covered in almost every religion or mythology in the world (Christianity's involves an old guy named Noah and a giant ark filled with animals). This perhaps points to an actual point in time when, if not the whole world, most of it was covered by water. In the Greek myth, Zeus created the Deluge to punish cannibals on Earth, but Prometheus' son Deukalion and his wife Pyrrha, who were good, were advised by Hermes and Prometheus to go to the top of Mt. Parnassos with a bunch of animals and wait out the flood, which didn't reach the top of the Mount (probably because some myths say Parnassos is a portal to Olympos, the home of the gods).
*This page has lots of action. I can guaruntee the next one will have even more.
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