Hidden Picture

This was inspired from the ancient tale of how the word echo got its meaning. Echo was a forest nymph during the reign of Zeus in Olympus back in the hayday for Greek mythology, and supposedly after being caught protecting Zeus from his wife from knowing of his affairs with other women she had punished Echo. She could no longer speak anything but the last things another person has spoken, and one day she saw a man she fell in love with in a forest walking around searching for supplies. As hard as she tried to speak to him, he just flat out rejected her, saying she was a freak. As for Echo's fate, legend says she drowned herself in the nearby lake in a fit of agony, but another ending for Echo was that her soul and body pined away in misery, until only her voice was left...
sorry, it's a deep concept that just really intrigued me so I had to try it out! lol
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