Traition Picture

Lamia looked up and saw the evidence she would be punished with her life; a celestial light appeared in the black sky and turned into the queen goddess, who faced the terrified face of the girl with divine eyes that were filled with angst and jealously. She waved her arms and sucked all of the mortal woman's beauty, turning her into a scaly scrupulous monster, making her newborn babies to cry, and the eldest ran away to the night. The monster Lamia looked at her babies and the goddess's voice sounded in her head as her own: 'kill...' so, merciless, irrational and evil, the once beautiful monster ate her children as a snake devours a rat. The unfaithful was punished.

This would be the Greek mythological monster Lamia, who was turned into a monster by Hera because she seduced Zeus. Tried to play with colors there, and here's the result.
It's always difficult to represent deities, but i think Hera was easy. Her animal is the peacock, so i tried to draw her as a peacock-angel (who turned out badly). I was inspired by this great peace of work: [link]
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