CGM 2 Picture

I really hope y'all can read this because I write kind of messy and then I scrunch all of this on the one page.

Okay, a lot of new characters are introduced so hang in there.
Elf: She's dating Excalibur, but his sister (Scabbard) hates her since she doesn't need to be saved by the magicalness. She is constantly jealous of Lady of the Lake. She is Faerie's cousin.
Faerie: She is such a girly girl. She's also a nit of an air head, which makes me wonder why I put her with Tooth Fairy
Fairy Godmother: While her husband is wise, she is wise ass. Enough said
Excalibur: His mother is Lady of the Lake and his sister is Scabbard. He's much more outgoing than his sister, but you have to put up with him to get to her.
Selkie: He has no idea who Shetani is. He's a distant cousin of Nagini and Naga.
Vampyre: He is HOTT, in that dark kind of way. He is often out doing evil things.
Tooth Fairy: He's like an OCD honor student. Can you even see the way he parts his hair? Anal retentive much?

**NOTE: I'll probably get into true mythology later, but right now I'm enjoying making this up. If you have a request, that's fine. I'll research it, but if you request and take it as your own, I'll find you. A lot of people have had their artwork stolen lately, so I'm just being careful
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