Kore Picture

And here it is, the first little bit of dabbling into the realm of Hades and Persephone that I discussed here: [link] This one from Kore's (Persephone's) point of view.

My apologies for any grammatical or spelling errors. This hasn't been betaed, as it isn't intended to be a real chapter of anything really, just the beginnings of my feeling out these characters, discovering their motivations, background, etc. Though, I must say that even in writing this, a plot is already revealing itself, so clearly they want to be written.

Ah, the joy of writing strong characters, with the power of the collective consciousness behind them. It kind of feels like cheating, really. They tell their own stories, and you just listen and record it...

Thanks to everyone who has expressed support in this endeavor. As always, your willingness to read and comment is so appreciated, and is invaluable to me.

Oh, and if anyone things I should have categorized this differently, just let me know. I'm really at a loss with these new lit categories sometimes, and it's difficult to know where to fit something like this.
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