Mythology Project: Zeus Picture

Zeus, Greek God of the sky, thunder, law, order and justice.
The eagle and oak were sacred to him.
He was often depicted with his characteristic thunderbolts.

For a school project I am redesigning eight of the Greek Gods from mythology in a contemporary fashion, using digital painting as my medium to continue on this vein.

For this depiction of Zeus I considered classical representations of him; a mature, regal man with a dark beard, and ultimately chose to reject it.
Whilst beards were often worn by men of power in ancient times, I felt that nowadays they do not hold the same esteem. Instead, I have depicted Zeus as a broad shouldered, clean-shaven, neat business man; the image of power in our modern society.
To represent his association with justice and the law, I have given him a balanced, equal stance, with his arms wide and palms open and honest. This anatomical replication of a pair of scales is not unrelated to the familiar pair that Lady Justice holds.

On his lapel he has two badges, an eagle and an oak leaf, both symbols that are sacred to Zeus. I have purposely placed these on the left side of his body, over his heart, to emphasise his deep connection with these symbols.
Zeus is most commonly associated with lightning and thunder bolts, so I thought it was the most appropriate image to place in such prominence behind him.

Overall I am not as satisfied with this as I am with some of my others. I am unhappy with his proportions.

Other Gods Done

Art and character design (c) me
Texture used can be found here: [link]

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