Pegasus Picture

::You are seeing Winged horse wich was given to Hercules by his father Zeus, when he was born...
::Time About 1 hour?
::Material Thick 4B graphite pencil and a 2B mechanical pencil.
::Computer Enhancement B&W pointing in PSP8

This is my intrepetation of the pagasus from the greek mythology.

Left alone, no-one there to love, feeling blue, feeling sad. Pegasus feels lost...

I wanted to display lots of emotion in this pic. It worked out fine, only not the exact way I had in mind, but I guess a lot of artists can say that about several pictures... Anyway, I like this pic myself, and I'm very curious what you guys think of it!

Oh and a special thank you to ~naaffie for enhancing the rocks for me!!!

::Special Thanks To
~naaffie for the rocks....
::Comments are Appreciated

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