Pandora's Box Picture

This was a doodle I did in pen. I don't work much in pen, nor do I do much in this style, but I have a friend who does this style really well, and I tried to mimic it. This is supposed to be Pandora's box, which if you know anything about greek mythology, is a myth in which Zeus, King of the Gods, decided that humans were flourishing to much. And so he created a woman, named her pandora, and gave her a urn. He told her never to open it, but he knew she would and used this to his advantage. when she finally opened it out came Grief, Death, Disease, and pretty much every bad thing known to man. She snapped the lid shut then and there was only one thing left inside the urn. It was Hope who murmured to Pandora never to open the urn and let Hope go.
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