Poet Picture

Real Name: Lana Sullivan
Nicknames: L
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Birthday: May 12
Sexuality: Straight
Nationality: Latin American, Italian,
Place of Birth:
Height: 6’1½
Weight: 134

Personality: Lana is much like her mother but less resereved and more ashure of herself and her abilities. She tries to play the lead but has a lot to learn about what that really means. She sometimes goes above what is asked of her so that she can somewhat step out of her mother’s large shadow. She’s an extremely caring soul that would give you’re the shirt off her back if u asked for it.

Likes: to read, writing,

Fears: That one day she’ll run up against something she can’t stop or understand
Best Friend:
Family: Parents: Mother: Sonnet, Father: Ice, Brother: Frost, Grand-Father: Hephaestus, Grand-Mother: Beth Sullivan,
Relationships: None really

Descendant of the great Frost Giants from Norse Mythology; Grandchild of Hephaestus

Bio: Lana was born and raised around Element, and all its Agents. Like her mother she was trained at a very young age and understands how bad her job can turn. When she turned 16 and was coming into her full powers, her mother and father threw her a party, sortva like a Full Power Sweet Sixteen, during the celebration Zues, her Great-Grandfather decided to celebrate by throwing lightning bolts of brown and yellow down to Earth, her two favorite colors. Lana, accendiately, was stroke by one of these bolts of lightning and died. In a fit of rage her parents confrounded Zeus and demanded he bring their child back, they’s even stolen a god-killer Relic from the vault just in case he refused. He did not. He brought Lana back by giving her a transfusion of his own blood, which gave her the ability to control electricity among other things. There are talks that she might even be immortal, but that’s all they are talks. She is the youngest of the siblings, her elder brother being Frost, though she is much wiser and responsible beyond her years. Both children have a good realsionship with their Grandfather Hephaestus but are shield from their Frost Giant side of the family their father.


Electrokinesis: Moch 3 (Obtained this power as a gift from her Great-Grandfather, for surviving a direct hit from one of his lightning bolts)
Lana, unlike either of her parent, has the ability to project, channel, generate, manipulate and absorb raw electromagnetic energy, including visible light, heat, radio waves, ultraviolet light, gamma rays, and x-rays. She absorbs electricity at all times. Due to her being around electricity nearly all her life, she’s been able to control this side effect of her powers, only draining what she needs when she needs it. If she slips in her focus, and begins to absorb power randomly, than her constant absorption of electricity clouds her thinking, makes her speak very fast and in a jittery, electronic fashion, worsens her control over her discharges, and radically alters the electrical impulses in her nervous system, causing parts of her body to flail out of control. Lana is able to perform multiple feats with her electric powers, including projecting lightning blasts from her hands or other parts of her body that can stun, injure or even kill, electrifying her body so that anyone who touches her will get electrocuted, send her electricity through conductive metals, clinging to conductive objects by magnetic adhesion, create electromagnetic shields from her body, cover her fists in electromagnetic energy and employ them in the use of melee attacks, channel her absorbed energy into bursts of super-speed of which she is able to travel at a top speed of one third the speed of light (the speed of lightning) that can range from anywhere in between that and normal human speed. Lana can also use her power destructively, such as to short-circuit electrical items, split boulders, burn objects with precision or shatter walls. She is completely immune to electrical charges, in fact, they give her more strength to use his power.

Magnetism: Moch 3
Along with Lana’s power over the electromagnetic spectrum, she also has mastery over all magnetic forces. She is able to perceive the magnetic forces of the earth and bioelectrical patterns of all living beings, as well as perceive the natural magnetic auras surrounding living beings. With this, she can draw on and use the magnetosphere of the planet, which extends far into space. By drawing from the magnetosphere, Lana can use her power to: reshape even the most indestructible metals in existence, overload or short-circuit electrical systems, levitating metallic objects, control even the most insignificant magnetic particles in the atmosphere and living beings, reverse a person’s blood flow or ripping out any ferrous elements through their tissues, create fields of magnetism strong enough to manipulate non-ferrous items, and lift tens of hundreds of tons with her magnetic powers, although the greater she exerts herself the greater the physical and mental stress. She is also able to use her power defensively by: erecting magnetic force fields with high degrees of magnetic energy that is nearly impenetrability around herself and/or others for protection and can fire bursts of magnetic or electrical energy. Her powers over magnetism also give her some limited power over gravity, allowing her to create, over a limited area, an anti-gravity field and can also create traversable wormholes between two points on this planet.

Levitation: Moch 1
Lana has the ability to fly and by changing the Earth's electromagnetic field levitating himself and using her power to propel herself forward. While in the air, it takes all of Lana’s concentration to keep herself in the air and be able to keep up the slip second turns that are used during fights. While in battle, Lana rarely uses her flight. Even when she isn’t fighting, she rarely flies, not liking the way it makes her feel detached from the Earth, the main source of her powers.

6th Sense: Moch 1
Lana has the extrasensory ability, linked in some ways to magic, to sense a weak point in any object or person around him. This makes her a tactical genius, and even though she doesn’t have the fighting skills her mother has, she is a formidable fighter, able to defeat opponents 10xs her size.

Due to the high levels of electromagnetism in her brain, Poet has a high level of telepathic resistance, making it difficult to enter her mind. This is her greatest strength and her weakness. She is able to fight off mental invasion, better than some telepaths on the planet, but while in the field, telepathic connection with her is also difficult.

Omni-lingual: Moch 1
Like her mother, Lana has the ability to superhumanly translate any language in any form whether it is spoken or written regardless of its origin of being natural or extraterrestrial as well as, the ability to speak and/or understand any language; known as the "gift of tongues”.

Technopathy: Moch 3
Also like her mother, Lana has the ability to create almost anything she wants with enough time. It also allows her to see mechanical energy with her eyes to understand the capabilities of any device, while her subconscious mind determines the theoretical principles behind it and the steps necessary to create it. This gives her the ability to invent, disassemble, or recreate any machine she comes across with enough time.
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