Colossus- Life- Ogrezeus Picture

Name: Ogrezeus
Ability: have the ability to manipulate the plants and creatures animals from the swamp to become his weapons and company
Size: gigantean
Weakness: he's heart of nature
Relatives: Ogre magi, Cyclops, zuma, mother tree, Demeter, Ningizzida and guardian of Zeus.
Tools: SAI and COREL Paint
I have done a little research before proceeding to create this Colossus. I try to make it blend on the surrounding with a gloomy weather and to make it more realistic as possible life contains a little part of earth for them to lend on. Ogrezeus was created by Zeus to be the second soldier of Demeter the god of plants of the great Greek mythology. Ogrezeus is a skilled warrior of nature knows to fight with ravage strength with green part Skin that can deflect the sharpest arrow he is meanly a Boss and God a like creature.
i try to show the actual size and shape of the colossus as much as possible.

Note this is an entry for RIFT contest this is not a religious or illuminati thing for those religious fanatics out there.
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