HadesPluto Picture

As one of the Gods and Brothers of Zeus,he is distinctly different.He's god of the Underworld.He is seen as a mean cold and cruel tall man with dark features and a dark somber expression.He seems sorrowful and remorseful but yet doesnt show it.He is sometimes ruthless and dangerous.The green eyes represent his burning immortal soul,for he is a dark god.Many say he has been so lonely,and that he has never loved anyone before.He was very very lonely and seemed as if he really didnt cared if he had no friends.He felt as if he needed someone else to be there with him.He would flirt with the nymphs out on the mortal realm,but wouldn't find them as special. Until he laid his eyes on Persephone.She was innocent and sweet.The daughter of Demeter.And of Zeus.Hades would watch her everyday,until he ran to her and abducted the poor nice girl.Many say she is more cruel then he is in the Underworld.She was stubborn aswell.He loved everything about her.Many people had forgotten that Hades played a big role aswell.As for Pluto,it was the planet of the underworld,and which is one of the planets asigned to Scorpio,a strong and powerful sign.It is said that those with the sign,show the same personality as Hades,quiet and reserved.And to show aswell they like to be alone,or left alone.Once you feel as if someone had pierced your heart with one sudden glance,you just found a descendent of this powerful glooming sign.They are the great lovers,and would do anything to stay with they're lover and family members.Dont ever lie to a Scorpio,they can easily tell when you lie,and when you lie,they wont like you as much anymore as they used to.Dont every provoke one either,for they're revenge is as strong as a sudden stab to the heart.They do not seem to follow what everyone else does.They can be seen alone reading or yet doing something else,alone.

this is my summary of the drawing :3 i hope you like it,it took a while,i got half the scorpio info from my mother((a scorpio)) and my lover ((aswell a scorpio too))

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