Hera Picture

Hera (hair-a) is the greek goddess of weman and marriage. She is also Queen of the Gods.
Hera is wife and sister of Zeus the king of the gods.
Hera's parents are Rhea and Cronus.
She is seen with a crown, peacocks which was her favorite bird,cows, and pomegranates.
She gave birth to to Ares,Hebe,Eris,Eitethyia, and Enyo by Zeus.
She alone gave birth to Hephaestus.

I wanted to do my perception of the greek mythology because i have always loved it. Hera has been cheated on numerous times by Zeus her husband and brother. So i think she would be a bitter and cold woman. I think to coop with all of it she drinks alot. She loves peacocks and its a gorgeous bird so i based her dress and crown off of that. She is right by her thrown. The spheres in her throne represent her mate and all of her children.
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