Greek Underworld Picture

This is my rendition of the Greek underworld. Yeah. You can see three of the five rivers there, Lethe, the river of forgetfulness, the closest one to the front, Phylegethon, the river of fire... It's the one that is made of fire. Then at the back there is... I think that one is Acheron, the river of sorrow. Styx would be outside the doors somewhere, and then Cocytus flowing just outside how much the picture covers. For those who love Greek Mythology, you'll probably see a lot of the underworld in my art. Why the underworld? I like the characters down there a bit more than the philanderer Zeus.
The girl in the picture is my rendition of Persephone. the other figures are just souls wandering around.
I'm not completely satisfied with this one, perspective on the stairs are off, but hey, that water looks really nice. As well as the light on the boatman's... boat. I recently began using a tablet and this is my... I think my forth project with it. I actually made this about a month ago, I believe. Also, I made it all on one layer. Don't do that. It's not smart.
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