Set: God of Chaos Picture

This is for a story idea involving the reconquering of Earth by the Greek gods and their allies, which include gods from other world mythologies.

In the court of Zeus, the Egyptian god Set serves as the grand vizer and master of Olympus's spies, who are dispersed throughout the world. Set also serves as a diplomat, since Zeus is not the kind of monarch to show himself to the people

Set's eye looks kind of strange because it's a mechanical eye that can tune him into any of Olympus's security cameras. He can also surf the internet with it and contact spies anywhere in the world, so long as the spy has a webcam and a laptop with an internet connection.

Big Set is watching you!!!

As for the stripes on his face, I don't know why I added those or if that's just facepaint. I think I did that for astetic purposes.
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