Velanna the Exiled Demi Goddess Picture

This Greek Woman, who is clueless for modern time, is Velanna

Since the day Velanna was born, Zeus has always despised Velanna because of her mothers own action making
Zeus partly in Velanna's life. Luckily Athena took her half sister under her wing till she is an adult to face her mothers charges, so Athena raised Velanna as if she was her daughter.

when Velanna was 8 years old she wished to show her father she was not weak and to make him proud, so she assisted Ares and Athena with their wars against the few hordes of titans. For ten years Velanna has grown in to a fine warrior who'd love her home very much and became famous on mount Olympus.

Zeus became jealous as his people whispered that Velanna would be a better ruler than Zeus. Thus Zeus exiled Velanna for planning to over throw him. Zeus broken the deal with Athena that Velanna's punishment would come until she was 21.

With a plan, Athena took Velanna to the three Fates to ask how Velanna should become a full goddess to join mount Olympus. The Three Fates revealed that Velanna must go to America to complete her heroic challenges to be full.

i never really liked Zeus. He almost seemed like a tyrant to me. I'm sorry.
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