Eris Picture

This is a non-OC OC I'm in the midst of developing. Her name is Eris, and, yes, she is the Greek Goddess of Discord. She's going to be the main character in a novel I plan (ha, 'plan') on writing. Tell me what you think of it:

The Sorrow of Eris

Zeus had finally decided upon a punishment for the troublesome Goddess: a new form, locked in the Mortal Realm, and looked over by his own child. Surely Eris couldn't cause the discord she was so known for in a this new, disbelieving society? But when Hades discovers her fate and tempts her into action... will her newfound friendship with Zeus's daughter, Thalia, prevent her from the all out retribution that she longs for?

Mmmm, yeah. Not quite sure on the specifics, but it's still just a fledgling idea, after all. Feel free to comment!
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