Angels - Tiresias Picture

Another not-angel I fiddled with. Bwa. He came up because, in Greek mythology, Tiresias was a blind seer. Which you know, I hope. BUT-- and I didn't know this and thought it was terribly neat-- he spent some time as a woman, because he struck apart a couple of mating snakes. And, times being what they were

(Bad? -Wicked-.)

-- he was turned into a woman.

And seven years later did the same thing and was turned back into a guy. Aaand then later Zeus and Hera were having an argument over who enjoyed sex more, men (Hera's view) or women (Zeus's) and they called in Tiresias to ask.

He was all, 'Girls! n.n' and Hera struck him blind because she's a git that way.

And somehow that turned into, 'I should have blind seer angel!!'

And here he is.

He has a eunuch servant to brush his hair for him, so he can afford to have it long. n.n
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