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Here's a new superhero I came up with. His name is Cloudspinner.

Name: Aaron Merian
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Lightning Blue (becomes yellow when he assumes his Cloudspinner persona)
Hair Color: White
Blood Type: BO
Powers and Abilities:
-Flight: Allows Cloudspinner to fly.
-Limited Weather Control: Has the power to change the weather, though only over a small area (As big as a city (Like the size of Houston).
-Water Control/Generation: While Cloudspinner can generate his own water to control, he can gather the moisture in the air and use it.
-Lightning Control: Wherever a form of electricity is present (be it static electricity, electricity from power lines or such, or lightning), Cloudspinner can control it.
-Wind Control: Allows Cloudspinner to control the flow and power of the wind.
Weapons and Equipment:
-Lost Wind: A medium-sized ancient and ceremonial knife from his family, the Lost Wind can acts as a medium for Cloudspinner's powers.
-Aeolus Gloves: Special gloves that acts as a stabilizer for Cloudspinner's powers.
-Aquarius's Chest: Special chest armor worn by Clouspinner for protection.
Info: A normal boy with mythological powers granted to him by the Greek Gods, Aaron uses them for the greater good, and against Hades and Poseidon, who were responsible for killing his ancestors and his race. His race was known as the Cloudspinners, where he derived his superhero alias, who were trusted by most of the Greek Gods to control the weather around the world. Hades and Poseidon, however, were against the idea of mortals having powers to control the weather. So they waged war against them, and killed them off one by one until they reached Aaron's ancestor, Aetos, who was the strongest out of the Cloudspinners. He fought off the forces for years, until he met Anemone, a normal mortal who was a servant of Hades and Poseidon. He married her, and within a few months, she gave birth to two children of his, one who bore his white hair and lightning blue, and one who shared her mother's brown hair and green eyes. One night, Anemone murdered Aetos, who wasn't expecting it as he planned his next battle against Hades and Poseidon. With his dying breath, he swore to Zeus, and asked him that one of his descendants will defeat Hades and Poseidon. Zeus promised him that a descendant that shares his white hair and blue eyes will bring defeat to Hades and Poseidon, and Aetos died, with a smile of triumph in his face. To prevent this from ever happening, Hades and Poseidon demanded that Anemone sacrifice any descendant that bore the splitting image of Aetos. She did, and for many, many, generations, a child of Aetos was sacrificed in the very same room that Aetos died in. But Aaron, who struggled to stay alive, awoke his powers, and fought off his family, who were focused on his death. Now, on the run from them, Hades, and Poseidon, and their followers, Aaron decided to wear a new identity, and took the name Cloudspinner, from the race of people he was borne from. As Cloudspinner, Aaron fights for survival, and for others who cross his path.

I chose the name "Aaron" since it has 'air' in it, and Merian, I don't know where I got it.

Cloudspinner/Aaron Merian belongs to Dremare (
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