Stickfigures Picture

A totally random idea I got. What would happen if all the gods, goddesses and myth-creatures decided to hang out one day? I just started doodling a few of the things I'd guess would happen.


From top to left to bottom. Erm, yes

The first picture
Jesus suggests Vishnu that all get an equal share of the popcorn-bowl Vishnu is eating from. Vishnu isn’t much for that idea and pushes Jesus away with one of her four arms.

The next one from the top but to the left
The god and the goddess from wicca are sitting all couple-like on the couch. The god is probably showing her a poem or a picture.

The one with all the dogs
Cerberus discovers that Anubis keeps chewingbones in his pockets. Anubis ends up feeding Cerberus.

The one with the fuzzy hair
Hephaestus have by accident taken Thor's hammer Mjollnir and tried to make a weapon. Let's all pretend that the hammer of Thor can zap people with electricity.

The last picture
Idun mistakes the appple Aphrodite got from Paris for one of the apples that make the norse gods young. Aphrodite points out the mistake but Idun goes 'my precioussss' on the apple and refuses to give it back. Aphrodite secretly prepares to do punch Idun. Or yell really loud after Zeus.
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