Sailor Callisto Picture

About the Girl
Name: Azure Kabu
Name Meaning: sky blue bear
Birthday: September 30 (Libra)
Age: 16
Eyes: dark blue
Hair: wavy, mid-back length dark blonde
Skin: peach
Height: five foot three inches

Likes: heights, flying, English, shopping, hot chocolate, and American rap music
Dislikes: pickles, shrimp, Science, dogs, coffee, and overly girly things
Strong Points: heights, balance, and flexibility
Has Trouble With: rhyme, concentration, and acting lady-like
Dream: To make her parents proud
Occupation: high school student (sophomore), and part-time secretary at her dad's office

Personal History: Azure never knew her biological father, and she had no desire. He walked out on her and her mom when she was a week-old. She was adopted by her dad, Ken Kabu, when she was six. They moved to Japan shortly afterward. She trained as a gymnast when she was younger, and she quit when she was fourteen.

About the Senshi
Sailor Name: Sailor Callisto
Realm of Influence: Senshi of the Heavens
Transformation: “Callisto Satellite Power!”
Transformation Item: Callisto Ring
Weapon: none
Colors: dark pink, light purple, and blue
Attack 1: “Aero Cloud Blast!”
Attack 2: “Tornado Assault!”
Attack 3: “Aerial Beam!”
Team: Team Galileo (Jovian Satellites)

Description: Sailor Callisto wore the standard Team Galileo uniform. Her skirt was dark pink with a light purple strip along the bottom. Her front bow was light purple with a blue jewel. Her collar was dark pink. The gauntlets on her gloves were light purple. Her choker was blue with a light purple gem. The jewel on her tiara was blue. Her back bow was blue. She wore a pair of light purple booties with a four inch heel.

Place in the Silver Millennium: Azure was one of the King's many daughters amongst the Jovian Satellites – and, possibly, other satellites. As a member of Team Galileo – a subgroup of the Jovian Satellites – her many duty was to protect the princess. Only the members of Team Galileo were publicly acknowledged as the King's illegitimate daughters.

Mythology: Callisto was a nymph and a follower of Artemis. She took a vow to remain a virgin, as did all of Artemis' followers. Zeus lusted after her. To have her, Zeus disguised himself as Artemis. She had a son, and was later turned into a bear. Her son became a hunter and nearly killed her. Zeus placed both of them in the sky, and they became Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.

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Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi
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