king licaon Picture

king licaon or Licaon ("Lykaon" in greek, "Licaone" in Latin and Italian)

King licaon is a legendary and Mythological figure of Greek Mythology, he's a King of Pelasgia and the people of "Pelasgi",an ancient population of the north of Greece...

in the Myth, the god Zeus took human form, becoming a wanderer, and was received into the house of Lycaon, Lycaon to see if the traveler was a god in human form or not, he killed a slave and offered the meat to 'banquet, but Zeus offended and outraged by this gesture, the king had transformed Lycaon into a wolf, and did punish and electrocute her 49 children (the youngest son of Lycaon, nittimo, was spared, because Goddess Gaea that was saved by the mercy him)

that of Lycaon and one of the first stories of the human story that speaks of "werewolf" or "wolf man"

King Lycaon and the symbol of union between man and nature, between man and his element "animal" and "primordial"
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