A Sad Tale Picture


Okay, so I had to do a project for my World Mythology class and this is what came out of it. We basically were allowed to do whatever we wanted(plays, fashion shows, reports, etc.)so I made a poster representing one of my favorite myths.

This is the "Pandora's Box" myth. I know what he's holding is NOT a box. I just made my own version of what I thought it would be. What most people don't know about this myth is that Zeus made Hermes Pandora's caretaker after she was created so I hoped that maybe they had developed some sort bond while they were together. In case you can't tell, Olympus is that golden catsle thing in the background. And the guy next to the tree on Earth is the Titan Epimetheus/Pandora's betrothed. I really enjoyed looking farther into this myth. There were some things I learned about it that I didn't know before.^^

This is definitely rushed and the shading's all off, so please don't be too hard on me.
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