Errikos the god of hard-working Picture

My history homework was to create my own Greek god. Welp there yah go! There will be a story about him later. Like whenever I want later. The overall gist is he's a failed creation of Zeus's, he is an angel which in Greek mythology there is only one technical angel, Hermes. He gets kicked out of Olympus, loses a wing in the process. Goes to the underworld works for Hades as a blacksmith. Hades gives Philocrates (Errikos name before being a god) magical cuffs which have infinite metal for crafting, all Phil has to do is the thing, thing above. Hades also gives him bright eyes to see what he is crafting even in the depths of the underworld. Philocrates builds himself a new wing, some nifty belts, and a bandage from his feathers to soften the glow of his eyes. The green shaw is his "baby" blanket. Oh yeah, he becomes a god after Hades recognizes Phil's talent, Hades renames him Erikkos and lets Erikkos help the mortals. The mortals make him a god by belief.
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