Kantaros The C.B. Draktul Picture

Name: Kantaros
Type: Draktul
Specie: Hades's Soldier
Elementa: Poison
Years: 3 mileniums
Weapon: Soul Twin
Lives: Underworld
Weakness: Unknown
Title: Cerberus Breeder Draktul
Likes: Death, Torment, Plagues, Darkness
Dislikes: Surface, Living creatures, Technology

While the Surface greek Gods be helping or hurting their followers in the cities...below them...in the Netherworld or Underworld as much know the pain of the souls are a wonderful symphony in ears of Hades and Kantaros, his servicial soldier and breeder of the great Cerberus; The tri-headed dog.

Kantaros has a weapon which can destroy any soul of any body in one blow, called the Soul Twin; when the modernization started to impact the ancient greece, Hades, who went with his brother, put Kantaros in charge until he returned...thing never happens.

Kantaros looks the technology as difficult way to kill people and likes more wait or send Netherians to assasinate. Grassh is his grandson...but both draktuls never talked in a lot of time.

Kantaros, Grasshito, Soul Twin belongs to me
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