Im going to hell?? Picture

Haha yeah, i went to hell when i was in Wisconsin Dells. If you dont know, Hades is the god of the underworld in Greek mythology. Which is where you get the 'hell' part. So me and my friend went to hell c:
But anyways, Hades is this really awesome rollercoaster they had at Mt. Olympus. It was also the biggest one. Theres about a 20-30ft drop in the begining and it plunges you straight underground in the dark. And the underground part is pretty much under the parking lot. So you go under the parking lot to another part of the coaster that has a lot of fast turns and small drops and then you go back under again and come out where you started. Then the thing takes you around in circles and down a couple drops before finally stopping back at the platform. I think when we timed it the whole ride was about 2 minutes 30 seconds or something like that. When you're on it it seems kind of long but when you're waiting its really fast
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