Fastidious' Servant Picture

Twenty-four hours later (and still counting). At this rate, I could go on to any number if I figure out when to finish but I can't now; as a matter of fact, this is my thirty-second drawing of a Yin Yang Yo character. The best part is that it's my second OC, I have drawn.

His name is Mordred Io Coldstream XIII (モードレッド・イオ・コルズトリームXIII世 Mōdoreddo Io Koruzutorīmu Jūsansei) and he's a gorilla android/cyborg who serves Fastidious. The first name is based after Sir Mordred, the evil Knight of the Round Table from the Athurian Legend; after all, he serves an cute but evil hamster. The patronym, Io is from Jupiter's moon which was named after the priestess of Hera turned lover of Zeus in Greek Mythology; also, I just found out it even makes reference to "IO Interactive," a video game development company known for the "Hitman" series. But the most important part I like about him is the surname Coldstream since he is dressed up like a Coldstream guard from England, the ones that do nothing but stand up straight emotionlessly like stone statues. The XIII is from a old belief about it being an unlucky number in many cultures which also references his loyalty to the hamster.

Well, off to Hassel the Hoff!!!
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