Hades Picture

Hades the Greek god of the Underworld!
I had this really cool idea, kinda intertwining my series with different mythologies such as the Greek gods, and going into who and what they were, what happened to them, and how they helped shape events now.
I'm still working on the back story but my current idea is that most of the Olympians died out in the first Void war along with many other immortal beings that in those times were believed to be gods, such as the Norse, Aztec, Egyptian, ext.
After the war, Hades had watched both of his younger brothers, Zeus and Poseidon taken by death, (Yes Hades was actually the oldest brother of the three main Greek gods, and being the oldest of 6 brothers, I too would be devastated if I watched my younger brothers die) So from then on he Wandered aimlessly, and in time even humans came to forget who he was and saw him as nothing more than a strange old man in a raggedy black cloak. He watched the rise and fall of many civilizations, he watched innumerable people born and die, and he even traveled to other worlds (Including Bys's world) but remained nothing but a stranger. Eventually in Bys's story, Hades actually becomes one of Bys's mentors.
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