The Luminator Returns Picture

The canister had resisted any and all means of penetration by SPIRAL. Some of the best scientists in the organization had tried to crack it, but it was of a material that defied conventional technology. Even one of the greatest heroes of the age, Fortune, was helpless before its mystery.

Only one young boy, Winston David Patton, the son of a SPIRAL intelligence officer, had a clue what was inside, and that was because the creature sent him dreams. The Ergocite had scanned far and wide across the globe, seeking one who not only was of the correct genetic pattern, but was of a psychological profile which would keep him from abusing the powers it granted to harm others or for profit. Young Winner had a powerful conscience and a fear of losing control that reigned him in. When the time came, the simple biotechnological entity - a powerful tool designed by a race believed to be Atlanteans to empower them to protect and defend the fragile Earth - slipped from its unbreakable prison and sought out the boy.

Unfortunately, the time came when Winston was a mere 11 years old. His father had come under attack by Serpent's Tooth assassins, and the Ergocite was forced to save him by granting him the powers meant to emulate the Olympian Gods at a young age. Luckily, Winston was not only more than interested in Greek Mythology, but like most kids was inspired by superheroes. A quick telepathic information dump, an ectoplasmic second skin of protection, and he was more than a mere boy - he was Powerboy!

For the better part of a decade, Winner, as Powerboy, fought evil around the world, slowly growing in power and confidence. Finally, one day, he fought one of his deadliest battles. Serpent's Tooth had made a temporary truce with Vincent Destruv, who had designed a powerful cybernetic warrior capable of battling Powerboy blow for blow. The 17-year old Winston found himself in London, struggling against a twelve-foot killing machine hell-bent on destruction. Thousands died, including his girlfriend, Angelica Garren, the adventuress known as Starra. Winston had proposed to the young woman only minutes before the start of the rampage. When Powerboy learned that all this death and destruction was aimed at him, he was emotionally crushed. He felt that he had the blood of thousands on his hands. He collapsed into a state of despondance, wandering as a vagabond for a period of a year and a half after spending a month in a psychiatric hospital. For a year of that time, he found a home with a motorcycle club made up of other unusual people - mutants, mystics, and the failures of scientific experiements. When he found himself falling in love again, he abandonned the nomadic club.

Winner lost himself in Chicago as a librarian until he was again called to London five years after his apocalyptic battle with SATAN Blue. The cyborg, thought destroyed, was uncovered, having spent years repairing itself. When it surfaced, Winner's companion revealed herself to be a magically endowed superhuman herself - Celtic Raven. She plead with him to help contain the rampaging cyborg. Winner couldn't bear to fail again, but as he watched Celtic Raven's fight against the monster, he forced himself to act. Older, stronger, and with an even greater sense of purpose, Winner took the battle to SATAN Blue and eventually destroyed every non-organic piece of the battle-borg, rendering him harmless.

Now, realizing his duty, he took the more mature name of Power-Glove and continues his struggles for truth and justice in a world that desperately needs heroes.

Powers and Tactics:
The Ergocite is a living, non-sentient entity which serves to help a human emulate the powers of the mythological gods. Whether this organism is actually responsible for humans becoming nigh omnipotent creatures such as Zeus, Apollo, Odin and Thor, or just a development of Atlantean super-science is uncertain.

With the Ergocite, Winner is incredibly resistant to harm and able to survive naked (well, still wearing his Ergocite) in deep space, has highly enhanced sensory abilities, and can fly. He can lift enormous weights either telekinetically or by touch. At range, his ability to lift is limited to fifty tons. By touch, exactly how much he can heft depends on whether he is focusing his power into energy bolts, or converting it to raw super-human strength. For raw lifting power and tapping his Cosmic Energies he can shove enormous weights over his head. Utilizing his power to generate energy bolts, his lifting ability is dramatically curbed to a mere one ton. He can also telekinetically lift over 50 tons. He can also enhance his speed enormously by channelling his energies into a spatial warp which allows him to travel 100 times the speed of light. His "starbolts" possess the concussive power of 100 sticks of dynamite or the equivalent of a military grade aerial bomb. As of yet, he is incapable of scaling his abilities more dynamically, as he can only tap the tremendous energies in his Glove for certain limited uses, and there is a fixed amount of energy for his defensive shielding and life support, his enhanced senses and his basic flight ability. With time, he may prove even more versatile or perhaps even channel more energy through the Ergocite.

Given his invulnerability, Power-Glove prefers to go hand-to-hand first, since that is more easily scalable in combat than his starbolts which can tear through even tank armor, and a missed shot is likely to plow a mile away into a habited building.

With "softer" allies, he zips around the battlefield, absorbing punishment and drawing opponents to vent their power on him and containing collateral damage. At the speeds at which he can fly, he can intercept and absorb nearly every attack.

Without the glove, he is still a relatively capable opponent combatwise, having trained with skilled combatants over his teenaged years, and his years of experience make him a keen investigator.
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