Zyrxy and the Boy's Daemon Picture

Here's mah sexeh Zyrk, and the daemon of a little boy. In Child Development every so often we go into a daycare center that my school has set up so that high school students can get hands on experience with working with little kids. So usually we go in and I meander up to a kid and start playing with them. But a few days ago we went in and this one boy came walking over to me while I was playing in the sandbox with another child, and the boy just plops himself down in my lap. So I asked him if he wanted to play or build a castle or something and he just sat there and shook his head. So we sorta sat there for a bit, and I was a little unsure of what to do. So I look to Zyrk and he's got this tiny little doe curled up next to him, and he doesn't really know what to make of her. But then after a while me and the boy got to playing and had a lot of fun for the rest of the block that I was with him.

I finished the mound of blasphemy and heresy that is the 'His Dark Materials' series. And it was FANTASTIC. I loved it to pieces, but the end was sad. Touching, but sad. At least I got to find out what Pan settled as
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