Reference Picture

I made this into a reference drawing but decided to have it stand alone as well. This is Lycaon and he wants to stab you.

Your name is LYCAON KEKWAN. You are the PRINCE OF RAGE and your planet is THE LAND OF TEETH AND DARKNESS.

You are interested in several things, such as STRATEGIC WAR GAMES, HORROR FLICKS, and COLLECTING TROPHIES. You are a SELF-PROCLAIMED EXPERT on the LOCAL FAUNA, but that just means you like KILLING THEM. You excel at COOKING for some reason, and you like to PICK FIGHTS WITH OTHERS.

You aspire to join the ranks of the CHEFVISCERATORS, the highest order of cooks that serve the ROYAL FAMILY THEMSELVES.

Age: 7 sweeps (~15-16)
Quirk: HE LikeS CapitalizinG ThE FirsT AnD LasT LetterS OF EverY WorD, OverreactS ViolentlY TowardS OtherS, AnD AlwayS PunctuateS EverY SentencE WitH ExclamatioN PointS BecausE EverythinG IS A BiG DeaL!
Constellation: Lupus
Theme: Wolf
Specibus: Forkkind (Current weapon is named MurderFork)
Planet: Land of Teeth and Darkness

Matesprit: Kaznal Taipan
Moirail: Valent Aescul
Kismesis: None yet
Auspistice: None yet for either

The constellation he represents is Lupus, the wolf, which is kinda between Libra and Scorpio, so I made his blood color exactly between those two, er... ladies.

Lycaon is from Greek mythology, it was about a king of Arcadia who was cursed by the gods for trying to feed them one of his sons. Zeus turned him into a wolf.

Kekwan is the Romanized version of the Chinese name for Beta Lupi. I chose Beta Lupi instead of Alpha Lupi(Kakkab would be the name of that and it's just ugh) because it fits the personality I picked for him. He wants to be an Alpha wolf but he's stuck being the Beta wolf instead.

Obviously, his entire theme is wolf. I tried making his hair wolflike without blatantly stealing Wolverine's hairstyle, since that's based on a wolf too. His horns are reminiscent of perked canine ears.... or at least I hope.

Obviously, his lusus would be a wolf. I'm thinking one with four eyes to distinguish it from, y'know, a normal wolf.

The symbol on his shirt I got from this website[link]

It's not an official symbol site but I thought it pretty neat.

According to color charts, he'd be considered borderline blueblood since his blood is more blue than green. (Ratio of 130 to 125 out of 255 on the B part and 108 to 147 out of 255 on the G part of RGB scale hahaha)

Came up with a partial bio. Just because.

As a wriggler, Lycaon was responsible for more than a few cullings of his fellow wrigglers. Upon encountering one, he would fight them even in such a defenseless form, using his horns and teeth. This left some of them too weak to make it out, much less to meet their lusus. As for Lycaon, his ferocity attracted the attention of a wolflike lusus, who took him in.

Continuing with his trend, his lusus demanded much of him, not nearly as much as a horrorterror or a giant spider, but more than usual for a supposed guardian and caretaker. His lusus demanded that he continue fighting everyone he met, or risk abandonment, which was just asking to be culled.

When he progressed beyond the wriggler stage, he established his hive, designing a castle of sorts that wouldn't have been uncommon to see in a stereotypical horror movie.

Psych profile:

Due to being a borderline blueblood just a few shades above green, bringing up the fact sets him off in a bad way. His lusus encouraged him to behave as violent and unpredictable as the other bluebloods, maybe even more so to compensate for it, he has felt the need to fly off the handle at the slightest provocation. This, naturally, leads to him not having many friends.

He's in truth very intelligent, despite the fact that he uses most of it to think of ways to pick fights with others.

Edit: Pfffffhahaha. Thanks to a RP on Pesterchum with I have discovered that Lycaon uses forkkind as his strife specibus.

And he stabs people in greeting with his pitchfork.

Also: His shit gets flipped more than pancakes at IHOP. For srs.

His fetch modus is GPS, which means he has to follow a path to get to his item. It's never too far away, somehow...
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