Eros and Psyche Picture

based on the greek mythology, Eros (Cupid) fell in love with Psyche the fairest of the women; Aphrodite regreted their Union, so she decided that Psyche should succed in 3 labors. In the 3rd one Psyche failed;she was about to take a box from the Underworld wich should contain Persephone's beauty. Sadly Psyche desired part of that beauty and while openning the box she fell in deep sleep. When Eros, who was angry with her, saw from Olympus his beloved asleep, he fell in the Earth , he begged Zeus to save her, and it is said that she awoke with Eros' kiss.

In this scene Eros crying, holds Psyche in his arms flying..

Tools used
A4 paper
HB 2 pencil
0.5 mech pencil
keadable easer
vinyl eraser
eraser pencil
sepia is digitally added

Click zoom for better view..

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