Dione Picture

A new OC! His name is Dione.

Info on the namesake:

Dione is one of the four moons of Saturn discovered by Cassini in 1684. The others are Rhea, Tethys, and Lapetus. The moon is named after the titan Dione from Greek mythology.

The moon Dione is mainly composed of water ice. It is very dense and has bright ice cliffs. It is also heavily cratered and very bright. It is the 15th largest moon in the solar system.

As a titan, Dione was the mother of Aphrodite. Her name is the female form of Zeus (Dios).
Yes, My Dione is a boy.


His namesake is really Saturn's moon, but the moon's namesake is the titan.

I wanted to create a new OC because I haven't done anything like that lately. I'm excited with his design.
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