Castor and Pollux HG + PJatO Picture

Hahaha! Just finished Mockingjay today. My favorite character died. TT_TT So I decided to draw Castor and Pollux from the Percy Jackson series meeting Castor and Pollux from the Hunger Games.

Castor and Pollux were originally mythological Greek twins, Pollux an immortal son of Zeus, Pollux a mortal son of some random dude. When Castor died, Pollux was crushed so he gave Castor half his life so they could live together. And, chances are, if you read something with brothers named Castor and Pollux, chances are, Castor's gonna get killed off.

Castor and Pollux (c) Rick Riordan
Castor and Pollux (c) Suzanne Collins
Drawing (c) Happyfreak107
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