ZEUSosX B open-close buttons Picture

ZEUSosX - BETA - for WINDOWS VISTA (open/close buttons first approach)

This is a view of my personal version of aero msstyle i use, still in beta .
I am working to this from November 2006(with rc1 first, and vista rtm after) UP to now July 2007.
Unfortunately it takes alot of time to modify it, using mainly RESOURCE HACKER.

Thanks to psycob [link] for realeasing informations code, help and support.
Thanks to ukintel [link] for help and support.

Thanks to KPK, Lefrein , Miretank, innominato5090, Keff85, ShamusHand, sahtel08 , Samystic, palakisbest, Shifty102 , Cyvros, kyjj911, patrickgs , Michel8170 , mantrasiva, jiangds, Mo3hre, lewiswilson, AND ALL OF YOU for supporting me ! THANK YOU !

I ALSO wright topics on AeroXperience, with name Idas (Dias = Zeus), see my last topic [link]

All features referenced in the ZEUSosX - beta - theme are subject to change.

I do not allow modifications of my work.

Inspiration by ZEUS (OR DIAS), master of immortal gods in Hellenic(=Greek) history/mythology.

Made in Hellas (= Greece )
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