Jason Bio Picture

Name: Jason
Age: Unknown. But in his human form he's 17.
Gender: Male
Species: Devil angel hybrid and he has a human form...
Current Residence: Hell
Love interest: Unknown for the moment.
Family: Kriz (sister), Arora (mother), Satan (father/dead)
Pet: his 3 headed dog named Spike, Rex, and Zeus
Background history: He was born in heaven with his sister Kriz but they were taken to live with they're father when the shown signes of 'less than angelic' qualities *cough*... Since he is the only son of Satan he had no choice but to assume the place of the ruler of the underworld...
Likes: Music, Hanging out in the human world, Playing his saxiphone, writing.
Hates: His advisors, Being ruler of the underworld, and people nagging him about *ANYTHING*...
Weapon: His pitchfork or a sword...
Enemy: Waltor

LoL if any of you remember the expretion on Jason's face in my pic---> [link] I used his head from this pic... well that's it I think... First page should be up soon.

Jason and Life is HELL! (c) me! no stealing
P.S. the reason he has a 3 headed dog is NOT because of greek mythology about the 3 headed dog garding the gates of hell... it's just cuz I liked the idea of a 3 headed dog... nor is the Zeus thing have anything to do with greek myth either. it's simply a tribute to my dog Zeus how passed away when I was 13...
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