Birth of Athena Picture

Though the Wyrd sisters had prophesied that if Zeus became involved with Metis - titan of crafty thought and wisdom, the resulting offspring of their union would be even greater than he; Zeus, being the lecherous god that he was, nevertheless seduced Metis into his bed.

After their union Zeus swallowed Metis out of fear. Though his seed had been planted and she survived within him, having given birth and nurturing the child inside of Zeus.

Eventually it came to be that Zeus suffered terrible migraines for days and nights, to the point where he sought the aid of Hermes - patron of boundaries and of the travelers who cross them. After some thought, Hermes hefted "labrys", a double-headed Minoan axe, and cleaved Zeus's head until a matured Athena burst forth from his forehead, fully armed with weapons given her by Metis.

Later in the mythology Athena becomes the favorite daughter of Zeus, and subsequently is the only other god beside Zeus who is recognized as master of thunder bolt and aegis.
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