Phytanos Picture

The homework of my art class consisted in drawing a mythological creature, invented by ourselves, with a background story justifying the appearance of the creature.

So, here I present you...

Phytanos, the silly


One of the less famous mythological beings of greek mythology, and so unfairly unknown, is Phytanos.

The story tales that Phytanos, the Gryphon, was the most beautiful and proud of the Earth. It is said that such was his beauty, that one of Zeus maids looked at him and fell in love with him. Phytanos convinced her to escape together to be lovers on Earth.

When Zeus found out, infuriated, he transformed the Gryphon in a horrible and clumsy creature. Especially clumsy.

Lacking its graceful appearance, and stripped of his characteristic erudition, Phytanos hid off in a dark cave of Mount Ditki.


Phytanos is depicted with the head and wings of Dodo, body and front legs of a sloth and hind legs and tail of a pig. It also appears in Egyptian and Indian mythologies.

Some say that...

- ... Phytanos left his cave easily fooled by shiny objects, but no one dared to tempt him out because a glance of this creature would turn the most wise man, to the most idiot.

- Phytanos claws, like any Gryphon, served as natural poison detector if you used it as a cup, but unlike those of his brothers, if you wuld take a sip from this cup, you'll get instant diarrhea.

- All sorts of clumsy situations were attributed to Phytanos: if a blacksmith hand banged his gavel, he cursed "by Phytanos!!!". If a warrior was cut by a recently sharpened sword, he would said "I'm a Phytanos!!!".

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