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Ok I finally decided on Yuu's Look and here it is,

For those that aren't aware Yuu is one of the main characters in my new/old manga project, Titan' Breath.

His story is this,

Once upon a time, when the world was young and mankind was but an infant species, an advanced alien race known only as the First came to Earth and decided to help it along with it's development.

The First created great biological computers called the Titans to look after the Earth after they left.

The Titans bestowed the people of the Earth with Magicks that would help them with day-to-day living, this lead to an explosion in the human population which the Titans couldn't keep track of.

The Titans then created more advanced bio-digital entities called the God Engines to keep watch over the less important tasks.

The God Engines soon came to realise that they were superior to the good natured titans and the humans they treasured so much, so lead by God-Engine-Zeus they took away the magicks from them and used them to overthrow the Titans.

The God-Engines then decided to create messengers and soldiers known as Wards by taking humans with a large amount of excess energy and giving them concentrated balls of the Titan's lost Magick, these were called Titan's Breath.

The Wards were used to spread the God-Engines various messages to humanity be it via miracle or fear, the people then turning their excess energy into prayer and worship to power the God-Engines.

Azrael was the Angel of Death, highest ward to God-Engine-Deus, also known as the God of the Christian, the Jewish and the Islamic peoples.

His job was to act as Deus' assassin, silently killing those who threatened it, until one day he was told to kill a five year old girl, Azrael refused.

As a result he was stripped of his rank and forced to watch as she was brutally murdered a group of low ranking Wards.

Azrael managed to break free of his prison cell and decided to release all of the Titan's Breath to the four corners of the Earth, with this he went into hiding on Earth under the alias of Yuu, biding his time until he can build up an army to destroy the God-Engines and free man-kind once and for all.


now this is where I'm opening this project to everyone, the world of Titan's Breath isn't centred around Yuu/Azrael, It's the like the Marvel universe in the sense that everyone is linked but has their own story to tell.

If you like the sound of it then feel free to do your own artwork, fan-comic, Yaoi etc. with Yuu, my other characters (posting them asap) or your own OC's within the Titan's Breath World. n.n

just as long as you remember that

a) Titan's Breath and the contents of it's universe are © to me, and as I am trying to get published this is VERY IMPORTANT, however if anyone produces something within the universe that I really would like to include in an official release I am more that interested in doing collab work with other artists or in the case of comic/manga artists allowing the rights to publish stuff from within the Titan's Breath universe with me taking a small (negotiable) royalty and a tiny slice of credit.

and b) even though this project is open to all there are certain rules with things such as character creation,

The Trinity are the three main skill types a character uses.
eg. Yuu has Assassin which means he is a weapon and stealth specialist, Avian which means he has flight/Aerial combat abilities and Shadow Mage which means he can manipulate dark energy to fight with.

The Breath - a Titan's Breath can be any mythical entity from any mythology as long as it's not a god because that would make it a god engine, there can only be one of each breath so no more angels of death unless it is under another guise in differing mythology eg. a valkyrie (which is also already taken sorry n.n)

Alliance - within the universe there are essentially three types of Ward/Breath Bearer

God Side - those that are already Wards and still siding with the god-engines

Neutral - those who either are wrapped up in there own drama outside of the greater struggle or just don't care

Earth Side - those who are against the God-Engines

(Yuu is actually Earth side don't ask me why i put him as neutral)

I put in sexual preference so that if people want to put some romance into there work they know where the characters are coming from.

anyway if you want to get involved message me and I'll send you a draft for character creation and answer any other questions xx

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