Andromeda Picture

Dispite popular belief, the constellation was named before the galaxy.

The story is that Andromeda's parents, Queen Cassiopea and King Cepheus ruled over Ethopia.

The queen claimed she was more beautiful than all of the Nyiads (Nyphms) which made Posiedan very angry and he sent Cetus (a sea monster) to attack Ethopia. The king begged him to drive it away so as agreement, he had to chain his only daughter, Andromeda, to a rock for Cetus to eat. Which he did.

Perseus, who had just killed medusa and was riding on the new born Pegesus[w/e]. He saw her chained to the rock and offered to free her and take her as his wife (since her fiance ran off because of Cetus) she agreed and with the sword he used on medusa he killed cetus and his blood stained the sea red (hence the red sea). He took Andromeda as his but her suitor returned. He made andrmeda cover her eyes and showed the head to the suitor and his army. Sadly her parents too saw and all were stone. Zeus, seeing as his son was marrying their daughter, nicely put them in the stars, but made it so the vain queen was dumped out of hr chair before dawn.

That's the story anyways. XDD
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