Thunder- chapter 1 Picture

Hi there, my name is Nicole Giesemann, but you can call me Niky. I'm a demigod, daughter of Zeus, actually. I call myself Niky Thunder. I don't know, I kinda like it better, it sounds cooler. Anyway, my adoptive family said that I was in a car accident where my parents died, and I got cut with a broken window, which is why I have a scar across my right eye. But I don't believe that. I know they're lying because of 3 reasons:

1- My real dad is Zeus.
2- The car accident should've left a trauma(like nightmares, fear of vehicles, etc)but it didn't.
3- I have an unexplainable fear of blood and death.

I ran away from home wwhen I was 12, two years ago. I have a natural survival instinct and I know how to defend myself. I have been attacked by many kinds of monsters, both mythological and human. I'm a troublemaker to the autorities, specially a dum policeman named Bob Harrington. He's a jerk, and I always tease him. So I was just sitting on my tree (yes, I live in a tree-house I built by myself) when I heard a scream -H-HELP!- I jumped down of my tree and heard a growl that I knew too well -GRRROOOWWWWW!- A hellhound. I ran into an alley and saw a pale boy about my age. He had black hair, dark blue eyes, an aviator's jacket, black t-shirt, jeans, and a terrified look on his face. His left arm was bleeding badly, and he had cuts all over his arms and legs. He also had hurt his head, because blood slipped down his forehead. He was about to faint, but a hellhound leaped at him. Even hurt, he managed to dodge the attack. -AAROOOOO!- The hellhound attacked again, pushing him into a corner. Then I did something really stupid: I threw a rock, hitting the houn in th head -Hey, mutant poodle!- I screamed. the hellhond growled in rage. -Over here, you stupid hairball!- He lunged at me, but I was prepared. I quickly stabed him in the back, and the hound desintegrated into dust and fur. Then I went to see how the black-headed boy was doing. -Are you allright?- I asked him. he started to say. I got closer, but he retreated. -It's okay, I won't hurt you.- I said, offering him my hand, so he could get up. He was in a sort of shock. -Come on, take my hand. I'm not leaving you here for the next monster to kill you.- He took my hand. -Don't worry. I'll help you. What's your name?- I asked as I helped him to get up. -M-my name is N-Nico, Nico di Angelo- I looked at him. -Well, my name is Nicole Giesemann, but you can call me Niky.- He stared at me. -Niky...- he repeated in a low voice. Nico stumbled. -My head hurts- he mumbled -I feel dizzy- Then he lost conciousness. I managed to catch him before his head hit the ground. I couldn't leave him, so I managed to half-carry, half-drag Nico to my tree-house. No one had ever entered my tree-house besides me. I laid him down on a sleeping-bag and grabbed my first-aid kit. I spent all night long cleaning and bandaging his wounds. I had took off his jacket to clean the wound on his left arm. The hellhound had bit Nico so hard that his arm was cut so badly that I could almost see his bone. Nico was bleeding badly, and the sight of blood terrorized me, but I managed to stay calm and softly clean his arm. then I started bandaging it. Two days later, Nico finally woke up. -WH-where am I?- I almost screamed, since I wasn't expecting that. I was reading Romeo and Juliet and listening to 'Love story' by Taylor Swift, so I was kinda distracted. -What in Hades!...Oh! You finally woke up- I said -Um, sorry. I didn't mean to scare you- He said. -Me? Scared by you? Of course not! You surprised me, that's all!-Yeah, I'm a bad liar. He almost scared me to death. -Soooo, you're a demigod?- he asked -Well, sorta...- I said. truth is, I'm not a normal demigod. I'm also a half-wolf, (No, NOT a WEREWOLF) a half-wolf is like werewolf+god = demi-god-wolf or half-god-wolf, which allows me to transform into a wolf. My wolf form, however, is not normal. I have an unusual pattern: a spiralled-eyed skull on my back, blue paws, tail tip, ear tips, a hair tuft, and a lightning marking on my forehead. Oh, and all my markings and hair tuft are electric-blue, and my main fur color is black. So yeah, I'm weird. Any problem?. So anyway, Nico asked me a stupid question -Are you a child of Afrodite?- I almost killed him -DO I LOOK LIKE A SWEET FLOWER TO YOU!?- Poor Nico, he almost fainted again. Maybe I was too harsh with him. -Sorry, I didn't mean to scream at you. It's just that, I'm not used to be around people who aren't trying to kill me- I said. He looked around, then tried to get up, but he fell. I rushed to him and helped him get up. -Thanks. So, you live here?- -Yep. I built this place myself- -Wow, you're really cool- Iblushed. No one had ever called me 'cool'. I was used to 'freak', 'punk', 'brat', 'street trouble'; you get the idea. -Thanks, that's the sweetest thing I've been called. Well, actually it's the first good thing I've been called in my life- I felt a little weird talking to Nico, he seemed nice and, I have to admit it, he was cool too, and handsome. -I probably should get going, my friends are probably worried. HEY! Why don't you come with me?- okay, I wasn't expecting him to say that. I went speechless for the first time in my life -Er, excuse me? you mean, leave?- I have never left my tree-house since I'd built it. I only went out when I needed food or something. Yeah, since I don't have any family, you probably think I steal food and so. But the truth is, I know ways to get money: I sell drawings, carved wood figurines, and sing in public places. So why do the cops hate me? Because I "disturbe peace" with my music and actions. But I had never consider leaving. I finally made my decition: I'd go with Nico, and then, if I wanted to, I would come back. I grabbed a backpack and put in some food, clothes, my ipod, first aids, and a lot of other stuff. -I'm coming with you, but I don't promise I'm staying- Nico looked at me in disbelief. He nodded -Let's get going, then- Then we heard a horrible scream.
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