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So before you read any of her Bio. I want you to know that I created her in grade 7 when I was (still am) into Greek mythology okay. I kept her background because she's my persona with powers. You guys see, I can't stand what happens in real life.I hate how people are treated the why they are. When I got bullied in grade 7, I hid in the library(Still do). I use to think Mickey was me because I was a quiet little mouse and never stood up for myself, reason why I created her like this. A hero that can save the world, that has human friends that keep her happy. The only evil is her father. For that I thought you should know this. Before I met dave (my step-dad), I never met my father. So I used the Percy Jackson books as a guild line to have me think I was immortal, and powerful. I think you guys wouldn't
Name: Mickey Lynn Allison DaltyAge: 16 (Curse to be 2/3 immortal(So... she 10000 years old I think)) Job: Runs Demon INC. (All of the assassin safe house)
Family: Depends.... Her immortal family kicked her out. When she wanted to live a normal life with humans... her father went mad and killed everybody expect for Angeline... who’s in a coma. Also her and her father Cronus (1) have this big ass war going on for years. Her side is the assassins, army of the dead (Hades gambles too much with her and loses badly) and then later the irken armada because of Red (2). His side is all different aliens that are corrupted by him, and turned evil. Making Mickey have her assassin’s go out and kill them.
So the main people that’s like her family are....Angeline, Drew (Immortal Adviser), Hades (biologic brother), Red, Purple, Zim, Gir, Sir-unit Drew, her assassins.
Immortal Gifts: .....every power you can think of, even to destroy immortals... but mean destroying the galaxy as well.
Weakness: Family, Friends, love life (you get them, she’ll surrender to you and to whatever you want)
Likes: Food (Sugar mostly), family and friends, video games, spaces, her fellow assassins, her love life.her three pets (one snake and two cats), paintballing, shooting.
Dislikes: When one of her assassins dies, her brother being drunk, cousin in a coma, her father (Very much)
Side Note: She saved peoples lives when her father attacked, those people asked to help her out on her cause. Later was known to be the goddess of assassin (since the isn't a greek one)
1: Long story short if you haven’t read the titans war with the greek gods. It goes on for 10 years. In that time Mickey being that ‘forgotten child in the myth’ was born to Cronus and rhea, Rhea (who gave her that necklace) and Ghea (who gave her that curse) Sent her away to the Norse camp to train. Years past and Rhea came to get her, Zeus pissed off about her powers cased her away to live with the humans. Hades knowing that feeling, gave her a home for a awhile. Later Cronus found out and sent his followers to Hades palace. Mickey of course left the underworld to start a new life. This of course having her find out what she really can be... a weapon... that that little story
2: It's a crack pairing that start in a roleplay with =ShySoldier and turned out to be the the weirdest crack

Good/bad news Found my laptop and tablet pen... Bad news.... I am gone in less than 48 hours.
Titan war: titanomachy.htm">ancienthistory.about.com/cs/gr… (best one I can find)
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