Neptune Picture

My dad and I went to the Getty Art Museum a few years ago and we took our sketchbooks with us and tried to draw the statues and paintings, out of the three i drew was a Neptune statue. I liked this one the best out of the three. And even though it's not exactly like the statue, i was basing the entire thing on the sketch of the statue i did like 2 or 3 years ago.

Thanks to Bunny Bennett, i picked up a few things about coloring on photoshop while watching her livestreams. This is really my first full attempt at making a full picture with photoshop, i have sorta been playing around with it for a few months or so, and i did this entire thing WITHOUT my tablet!!!! I only used my mouse pad thingy on my laptop! So yea, though it's not the greatest, I am pretty proud of it!

This was done using Photoshop Cs2, and the 'II' on the top right is just because it was page 2 in my notebook and i put the roman numerals where it was on the sketch, it doesn't mean anything else other than i liked it in the picture.
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