Schooltime doodles Picture


Well, last year, I had a BIG problem with doodling in class (I still do now, but not nearly as much) but a lot of the stuff I doodled I really liked. So I gathered up all the old notes I could find (YES, THATS NOT ALL THE DOODLING I DID) and cut out all my doodles (I conveniently doodle on the margins a lot xD) and compiled it all together in one long dump (It took 5 pages of scanning and you can kind of tell xD)

Its mostly fanart, Original characters and eyes, but there's some gems in the mix that I might actually color.

Every now and then, my doodles had to do with what we were studying. For example,
"hear me RAWR": We were doing a DBQ essay on the empowerment of women
"NG says What eva": Noble gases don't want to share electrons and don't care, while halogens are one electron away from being NG's and love them xD silly chem doodle
"Gay or European": was going a DBQ on European sports and could not stop thinking of this song.
"Lithium displaces ALL": Our teacher gave the analogy that element displacement is like a hot guy stealing your girlfriend. the higher you are on the list, the more likely the element will displace/steal >:^D Lithium was the top of the list. She said it was the hot rich nice guy who wasn't gay. poor ol I2 is at the bottom (or near bottom, I cant remember xD)
"Zeus "affected" people" Learning about Greek mythology/theatre in drama. The teacher tried to put rape/sexed up in nicer terms. It was so hilarious because all my friends read Greek myth and understood but they're was quite a few people in our class who didn't pick up as quick.

Also on the last page, I drew 4 of my friends in a cartoon form (I was gonna draw comics with our adventures, but whenever something awesome happens, I keep forgetting to make a comic.)
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