Anthro Pokemon test Picture

Just trying out some stuff first before I get on with the rest of the designs. It still may take a while since I have some UNEXPECTED HOLD-UPS ARRRRRRGH

Anyway, just know I'm doodling when I can, but I really don't have time for any new full artworks until I get my exams over with because THEY'RE NOT OVER YET BLOODY HELL

Okay, so maybe I should explain a bit. The Hydreigon I intend to draw is based off the Hydreigon in [SPOILER]Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.[/SPOILER] AND I STILL CAN'T WORK WITH THOSE HEADS

The Snivy with a chainsaw was suggested by someone else.... I still need to work on that. I'm not sure if I want a chainsaw for practical purposes or to be used as a weapon. (If it's a weapon, I can fancy it up like what I did with another character's chainsaw) The Snivy will be dressed accordingly.

I decided that an engineer Yanma would be pretty interesting. Needless to say, first thing I saw the word "engineer", I thought of a certain Engineer from a Team Fortress 2. (I don't even play that game!) Multiple arms?! Now that's fun!

Zekrom was pretty difficult to draw, but I've drawn enough Charizards in my lifetime, so I decided to try for Zekrom instead... Needless to say, I think I really need references. I've always seen the Legendary Pokemon as gods of some kind, and I thought it'd be cool to base Zekrom off Zeus, the God of Lightning. (Greek mythology is awesome!)

Excuse the poorly drawn Nincada. (Yeah that's what it's supposed to be) I completely forgot how one looks like. I read up quite a bit on Shedinja, and I think I got some interestin ideas for it...

Pardon the Samurott too. I'm still working on some ideas for it, but I'm mostly basing it off my partner in PMD: Gates to Infinity again. I'll explain my headcanons for that game another time. The Serperior will not be making any actual appearances in the final drawings.

Blehhhh how did I ramble so much I'll just get back to studying or something

All Pokemon (c) The Pokemon Company/Nintendo
Doodles done by me.
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