CrackBabbies I Picture


So, I'm trying to conquer art block. How do I do this?
By making the most f**ked up babies in the existence of everything.

And yes, It's SUPPOSED to be spelled Babbies.

Anyways, here's some info.
This is just for fun. I in no way think it would humanly possible for any of these babies to exist and I do not support these couples.

Capeesh? C:

Navy Turqy x Parasite
She's more like Turqy personalitywise, and is the color of Parasite's markings streaked with lighter teals. She has Turq's eyes and her mouth, although Nav has Para's nostril holes. I named her Navy because Turqy's name relates to a color, which is Turquoise.

Typhon Turqy x Parasite
He's a bit more like Parasite personalitywise, although he's a bit more grumpier and takes shit from no one. He has Turqy's colors. His name comes from Typhon, a Greek mythological figure. He attempts to destroy Zeus after imprisoning the Titans.

Dallas Wepon x Stukabat
Dal is a huge puppy dog pumped full of lead and disturbing as hell. He is a mix of both of his parents, and is nothing like both of them. He does have Wep's tail, but it's a pistol, instead. His name comes from Quarter Life.

Sheryl Manoshevitz x Dilophosaurus
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