Alpha Chiatsu Character Sheet Picture

I’ve been reaching a turning point with the development of Oracle Knights! Like rearranging characters’ importance, changing around the storyline, and modifying when certain characters are introduced. Part of this process included the development of Alpha Chiatsu, Omega’s younger brother and the Oracle of Zeus.
Alpha’s been fun to make. My first drawing of him, which by the way was the sketch of this picture, came out just the way I imagined him in my head and I think he’s done being developed, even though it’s only been 3 days since I first sketched him. That’s probably ‘cause I’ve been deciding for months whether or not he’ll show up in the story and knew what his character’s like. Of course, now I’ve finalized that he WILL be a major character, rather than showing up once or twice like originally planned. What can I say? I’m growing attached to him.
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